Achieving better focus at work

Achieving better focus at work


It takes approximately 15 minutes of undisturbed focus for your brain to move into flow state.

And when this happens you’ll find:

  • Feeling in tune with (and in control of) your emotions
  • Increased satisfaction because what you produce during flow state tends to be its own reward
  • Increased engagement in your work
  • Feelings of increased creativity because you’re less self-conscious during flow state
  • Increased focus in what you’re doing
  • Confidence that what you’re working on is achievable

But we can only enter flow state when there is zero interruptions. Even just one interruption is going to reset the 15 minutes it takes to enter flow state.
So if you’re getting distracted all day with interruptions, calls, texts, and or notifications you’ll never be able to produce your best work.

So it might not be a lack of focus but a lack of solitude.

How many times do you get distracted during the day, and how can you stop that?