Business New Year Resolutions


Generally, we want to indulge less, exercise more and be better people… But now’s the time to ponder some specific (and accomplishable) New Year’s resolutions for your business.

Nurture your most loyal and profitable clients. Chances are they’ll sing your praises and refer more business to you.

Give something back to your community. Help a cause that matters to you and you’ll potentially give your team new purpose whilst boosting your reputation.

Promote your business effectively. Join a networking or business group and get your business in the public arena. Consider the benefits of social networking and marketing.

Read a business book every month. Keep up with the changing world and enhance your knowledge and leadership skills.

Get professional education and development. As a leader you must continue evolving, so extend your education to remain engaged and focused on the future of your business.

Learn to listen more. Be available and engage with your team daily to see how they’re tracking. You’ll diffuse potential problems before they arise and witness valuable raw idea creation.

Empower your team. Only your team can grow your business – they need to share your vision and have the necessary drive or incentive to achieve the goals that you set.

If it’s not working, get rid of it. Whether it is a product offering, a machine, a supplier or even an employee, don’t waste time and energy squeezing a round peg through a square hole. Trim the fat and invest in new muscle.

Prioritise and leverage your time. Implement efficient systems to allow effective delegation. Employees with greater responsibility often have greater job satisfaction. Work more on the future direction of your business rather than in the everyday running of your business.

Take time for yourself! Be a good role model – don’t skip lunch or work endless overtime because it could lead to burnout. Enjoy breaks for exercise or a new hobby and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

This post is by Jason Lougher. Jason is a chartered accountant who moved back to the Bay of Plenty his favourite part of the world to work with small and medium enterprises. Jason’s passion is taxation and effective tax structuring, trust setup and intergenerational planning, Inland Revenue audits and tax disputes and business development. Jason works closely with the other directors to combine their skill sets to achieve the best outcome for clients. Additionally Jason is on the NZICA Bay of Plenty Local Leadership Team and is a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. Legacy Chartered Accountants has offices in Whakatane and Tauranga.