Business Perspective Client: Ben Calder and Wulf Solter


Wherewolf LimitedWherewolf team

Wherewolf was created to remove paperwork and streamline operations for businesses when a customer fills out a liability waiver, a consultation form, a feedback form or arrival card.

Wherewolf replaces that with a customised app to collect, collate and display the information for the business to use in their operations, reports and marketing.

Wherewolf was created by Wulf Solter and Ben Calder, who collectively have 20 years experience in Queenstown’s vibrant tourism industry. The concept was created initially to have an easy way of contacting customers after their visit and to have a better understanding of where the customers were coming from to target marketing. The existing solution was to spend large amounts on staff wages, having the individual information typed into a spreadsheet for analysis. By replacing the forms with iPads Wherewolf was able to automate many processes such as the collation of the marketing data, the follow up email to the customers, thanking them for coming by name, encouraging them to rate, ‘like’, refer, or give feedback. With the growing emphasis on social media advertising Wherewolf was creating a significant and organic conversion of customers to ‘likes’. Having all the marketing data stored digitally meant they could create helpful filters to further refine the information by any combination of season, gender, age, country, activity, or even region.

Through developing Wherewolf for more and more companies across New Zealand the focus shifted to the operational use of that information that varied between businesses. From trip manifests for adventure tourism companies, to medical consultation forms for beauty and spa companies, and guest lists and arrivals for hospitality. Now ranging to load organising for skydiving and aviation operators, dive times for scuba operators, and equipment and staff allocation for multiple types of business including hire companies.

The Wherewolf software has developed into three main areas, the collection of legal and demographic information on the iPad upon arrival, the operational use of that information displayed in a way that makes it easy for that business, and the ongoing use of the information for marketing and on-selling with a suite of graphs, stats and cloud-based waivers.

Legacy has helped the company grow to have customers in six countries, apps in 15 different languages, and around 200,000 people who have checked in on Wherewolf software. Should a Legacy client ever need to go paperless, Wherewolf would certainly create a special deal.