Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

The AML/CFT Act has come into effect for Accountants and as part of our commitment to the Act, we have adopted some new policies. Find out more here.

Slow payers

Slow Payers Cost you Real Money

You know you have to get your debtors to pay, but do you understand the true impact of slow payers? Find out some of the impacts here:

accounting income

The Accounting Income Method

The accounting income method is a simple but smart change. It allows you to use your accounting software to calculate and pay your provisional tax.

Get to know your profit and loss statement

How often do you look at the Profit and Loss (P&L) statement for your business? Only once a year? It…

How do you pay yourself from your business?

Do you take regular cash drawings from your business profits to meet personal living costs? You need to be aware…

Don’t be caught out on holiday pay!

Holiday pay has been in the news recently and we know the labour inspectors from the Ministry of Business, Innovation…

Are your records correct?

Inland Revenue have signalled they will be looking at businesses’ record keeping systems. Key targets will be that all jobs…

Top reasons why New Zealand payroll is complex

Did you know New Zealand has the 10th most complex payroll system in the world and ranked 5th for complexity…

Is your business profitable but broke?

Have you ever looked at your profit and loss statement and thought: ‘Wow, I made a good profit last year’…