Covid19 work from home conference call

Is it time to power down?

Screens have become so omnipresent in our lives that internet addiction is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a mental health condition. Here are our top tips for switching off.

Getting ready for the Christmas rush

Getting ready for the Christmas rush?

Getting ready for the Christmas rush, it can be easy to miss something in your new staff members’ contracts.

minimum wage

Announcement on the minimum wage increase: 1 April 2018

As of April 2018, New Zealand’s minimum wage increased and more changes to employee wages are expected in the near future. Are you prepared?

price hikes

Price hike hacks: How to manage an increase without losing customers

Customers can understandably be unhappy about a raise in rates, but it’s possible to retain customers after implementing a price hike. Find out how.

good business content

Client Perspective – Heather Dawson – Storied

Poorly written content can negatively impact a business. Find out how Heather Dawson helps companies put their best foot forward through content.

customer relationship

Feel the love: How raving fans can rock your business

Loyal customers stick with you through thick and thin and encourage other customers to be loyal too. How do we reciprocate the love? Find out here.

Business Culture

Business Culture & How it Affects Profits

While it’s easy to think of business culture as a bit soft compared with, say, achieving sales, in fact it’s anything but. Find out more here:

Minimum wage

Largest Increase to the Minimum Wage in a Decade

Employers need to be prepared for the minimum wage to increase by 75 cents to $16.50 an hour from 1 April 2018. Read more here:

Give your business a medical

Give your Business a Medical

The end of December will mark the third quarter point for this financial year, making it a good time for a business health check. What to look out for here:

Slow payers

Slow Payers Cost you Real Money

You know you have to get your debtors to pay, but do you understand the true impact of slow payers? Find out some of the impacts here: