Tricky tax questions at Christmas time

Here are some answers to common tax questions at this time of year.

tax law changes 2020 flag

COVID-19 Business Support Package – what it means for your business

In this post, we have summarised in easy to understand language, how the current tax changes in the business support package affect your business.

Fringe Benefit Tax

FBT… So, what can you do?

There are many fine details to consider when it comes to FBT. Do you know what information the IRD needs? We do! And we can help you get it right.

Balancing fringe benefit tax

The Fringe Issue

Overlooking Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) can land you in hot water. We help you supply the IRD with the right information to avoid serious penalties.

Worried taxpayer

Several Ways Taxpayers can get Caught Out

There are some surprising ways taxpayers can end up in trouble with the IRD. Here are five common mistakes people make with their tax.

Purchase land or home

Buying Perspective: Risk and Reward – Purchasing Land or a Home

Now that the bright-line test is being applied to determine tax liability, an issue highlighted only recently might leave you exposed. Read more here:

Targeting the cash economy

Inland Revenue’s crackdown on ‘cashies’ continues, with their focus on undeclared cash in the construction and hospitality sectors. Last year,…

Don’t be caught out on holiday pay!

Holiday pay has been in the news recently and we know the labour inspectors from the Ministry of Business, Innovation…

Are your records correct?

Inland Revenue have signalled they will be looking at businesses’ record keeping systems. Key targets will be that all jobs…