Client Perspective – Cecilia’s Raw Food Workshops

cecelia raw food workshops

My aim is to bring a healthier food option to the Bay through my Raw Food Workshops. You might say ‘not another fad diet’ but raw food cuisine answers everything from fat-free, gluten free, sugar-free, vegetarian, vegan and paleo. It doesn’t use meat, refined sugar, dairy, grains, flour or eggs, so it caters for a variety of allergies also. It uses vegetables, fruit, coconut, nuts and is truly amazing how you can prepare delicious meals, cakes, desserts and more without having to cook! The workshops are fun and interactive and give you the tools and inspiration to try out at home for yourself. – Cecilia Strachan

Workshop details

▪ Approximately once a month
▪ Run from Cecilia’s home in Bethlehem
▪ Sundays from 1pm to 4.30pm
▪ Maximum 12 people
▪ Approximately 6 to 8 recipes demonstrated
▪ Recipe and information booklet are provided
▪ Lots of tastings (YUM!)

There is a workshop for every need, including:

Basics/breakfast/dairy alternatives

▪ Basic techniques – how to make nut milks, open a coconut
▪ Breakfast – mueslis, smoothies, other drinks
▪ Dairy alternatives – yoghurt, nut butter, cheese
▪ Jam

Mains, salads and sauces
▪ Various types of salads, plus cutting techniques to make
your salads look good
▪ Sauces you can use with different types of vegetables
▪ Soups
▪ Mains – e.g. pasta, mushrooms; how to use sea vegetables

▪ Cakes and slices you can prepare without too much fuss
You can freeze these so you can prepare them in advance when you’re entertaining
▪ Snacks – using healthy ingredients as well as leftover nut pulp

Christmas fare
▪ Christmas cake
▪ Christmas mince tarts, party snacks
▪ Dairy-free ice cream

Chocolate and old-time favourites
▪ For the chocoholic – fudge, chocolate cake and more
▪ Plus old-time favourites such as lemon slice, ginger crunch, pavlova cheesecake, Banoffee pie and other temptations

Raw Asian summer
▪ Using Asian flavours such as spices, e.g. garam masala and cardamom, as well as ingredients like nori, miso, sesame seeds and oil
▪ Learn to make sushi, Pad Thai, Vietnamese spring rolls,
black sesame ice cream and much more

Raw Asian winter
▪ Learn more Asian flavours with dishes that are warming,
such as laksa and curries

▪ Learn to make food with Italian, Spanish, and Greek flavours
▪ Included on the menu – gazpacho, spaghetti bolognese,
tiramisu, baklava cheesecake and more

Dehydrator delights
▪ Granola for breakfast
▪ Biscuits
▪ Bread
▪ Chips – kale, corn, zucchini (depending on availability of ingredients)

Gift vouchers are also available

Contact Cecilia
Phone: 021 0244 5887

Or if you are in Tauranga on a Saturday morning, then drop by the farmers market – you won’t be disappointed!

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