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Are you using social media effectively for your business? It’s one of those things that we know we should be doing, but are enough of us using social media effectively? It can be a bit of a minefield due to constantly changing algorithms and fads. Here I take a look at the top four platforms and how to use them in 2018.

The most popular social media platform there is, and the one that is most difficult to keep up with due to constantly changing algorithms.
• Business pages no longer have much organic reach, so you have to pay to reach your own followers.
• Groups are a great way to grow an audience for your business if you have something to teach people.
• Facebook Ads should be used for specifically targeting your ideal customer, and getting their email address – people aren’t on Facebook to buy now, but may buy later.
• Your personal page has much better reach than your business page, so it might be time to treat it more like a business profile.

Has made a big comeback in the past few months, due in part to Microsoft’s $26.2 billion takeover and also due to some savvy marketers figuring out exactly how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to use it to reach millions of users. Lots of new users have joined LinkedIn and many have returned to dust off their old profiles. It’s definitely worth tidying up your profile if you haven’t recently – treat your profile like a landing page.

This has been the social media platform that has suffered most in recent times due to a high amount of automation. Automating tweets and follows can be helpful, but too many people have done it and now the robots outweigh the humans. Twitter is definitely clamping down on this, so hopefully this platform will regain traction in future. It’s great for short thoughts and exchanges. Think of it like the digital equivalent of a postcard.

Great for certain industries as it’s all about sharing great images – if you have compelling visuals or you’re doing something niche, unique or creative, then you can likely rack up followers faster here than anywhere else.

So where should you hang out? That’s entirely up to you, but my advice would be to pick the two that are most suited to your style and needs, then be consistent with your posts on those channels. You can always expand later, but nailing two platforms is definitely better than half-arsing four. Unique content always works best, as does content and ideas which divide opinion – if you try and please everyone with safe posts of little substance, then you usually end up pleasing no one. If you’d like to book in for a free 30-minute marketing strategy call with me, I’d be happy to go over your social media strategy with you, or your digital marketing strategy in general. Alternatively you can email me on if you’d like to discuss any of your web or marketing needs.