Closing the sale


You’ve put in all the hard work. You’ve marketed the product or service, established a relationship with your client and you’ve worked through the early negotiations.

Now, you have to seal the deal. Aside from the initial contact, this can often be the hardest step to make. It’s about asking the big question and not being afraid to follow through.

Whether you’re negotiating a large deal or something on a smaller scale, here are some pointers to help you see your client over the line.


By listening carefully to your client throughout the process, you’ll have a far better understanding of their needs, desires and wants. This can assist you with the negotiation process.

Learn as much about your client as possible and find the ways that this deal may help or improve their lives in some way. Then use the information you’ve gained to leverage the deal and sell it to them. Make the product or service relatable to their lifestyle.

Create a sense of urgency

Time is your enemy. Most purchase decisions are emotional ones, so ensure you take this into consideration and act on it. The more time your client has to engage logic in the equation and weigh up any pros and cons, the less likely they are to go ahead with the deal. Don’t let second thoughts creep in.

There are tactical ways to do this without being too pushy. It really comes down to practice and being able to read your client, but don’t be scared to ask for the sale.

Sell the value

Make sure that throughout the process, you’re not just thinking about ‘what’s in it for me?’ You need to show your client what’s in it for them.

But don’t just cop out and reach for the steak knives. Before you go throwing away freebies, try and prove to your client the value of what you’re already offering.

If at any stage you see their interest waning, then look at offering something in addition to your deal. Always try to provide added value and make your client feel valued while doing so. A strong belief in the value of what they’re buying goes a long way towards heading off a case of buyer’s remorse.

Under promise and over deliver

This always generates good rapport. Nothing works better than good service, and exceeding expectations is one of the best forms of service you can provide. This may lead not only to repeat business, but also to referral business.

Close your mouth

There is a golden rule in sales. After a closing question is asked, be quiet.

The first person to speak often loses. By talking too much, you can often miss the signals for a sale. When you’ve done the work and asked for the sale, stop. Close your mouth and wait for your client to speak. The temptation to speak under such pressured silence is great, but this may be the one simple step that secures the deal.

Whichever way you choose to go into a negotiation situation, keep the end result in mind. Closing a deal is a challenge but being fearful of it will not help you in any way. Face it, practise it and you’ll become better at it over time. When it feels natural to you, chances are it will feel natural to your prospects when you’re closing the sale.

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