Culture Is the Hidden Success For Businesses


To be successful a business needs a great organisational culture – the ‘icing on the cake’.

Culture affects every aspect of the business: shareholders, directors, management, team members, customers and suppliers.

Culture is the hidden success. It’s the attitude of team members of ‘going the extra distance’ to satisfy customers’ requirements. It’s the attitude of customers who might be prepared to overlook late delivery because of their overall satisfaction of dealing with your business.

Culture relates to the image that your business creates in the market place:

  • Are staff pleasant and presentable?
  • Is the telephone answered in a professional manner?
  • Are emails produced in a professional manner?
  • Are telephone calls and emails replied to promptly?
  • Are products delivered on time?
  • Are products delivered with the required workmanship?

Culture is one of the main attributes of a business that will hold the business together and will give the business that extra strength and perseverance to battle through and survive harsher economic circumstances.

What is your business culture?

This post is from Jason Lougher. Jason is a chartered accountant who moved back to the Bay of Plenty – his favourite part of the world – to work with small and medium enterprises. Jason’s passion is taxation and effective tax structuring, trust set up and intergenerational planning, Inland Revenue audits and tax disputes, and business development. Jason works closely with the other directors to combine their skill sets to achieve the best outcome for clients. Additionally Jason is on the NZICA Bay of Plenty Local Leadership Team and is a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand.

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