Facebook for business – for your business?


The world of social media has come a long way in recent years and Facebook, in order to stay at the top of its game, has taken the phenomenon one step further. Offering strategic marketing solutions, paid advertising and even the option to sell retail online, Facebook has created a portal for businesses to get their name out in the marketplace with ease and in real-time.

Perhaps you’ve thought about having a Facebook page for your own business? Here are just some of the key benefits that may help to sway your decision.

The initial set up is completely free of charge and so too is posting or inviting people to like your page. This means you can let your audience know what you’re up to, new products or services on offer and you can also interact with clients on particular issues where you want to gauge opinion.

One of the most exciting aspects to Facebook marketing is the ability to specify and hone in on a particular market by narrowing it down to different demographics, age groups, cities, gender and even down to particular interests

Facebook is a quick way to let people know you’re out there and what it is your business does. The viral nature of social media means those who like it and share it will instantly pass it on to friends and so forth. With over a billion users worldwide, this provides your business with the potential to reach and expand your market with ease.

Facebook for businesses is a fast growing, effective marketing tool but it’s not for everyone. Take the time to establish whether a Facebook business page is right for you. Look at your competitors and check in on your target market to see how they respond to the idea. Do your research first and ensure there are people on your team who can manage the page appropriately.