Legacy Accountants Presents: smartAR Fee Funding – A Cash Flow-Friendly Payment Option

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At Legacy Accountants, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of modern businesses. Recognising the increasing trend of companies preferring to spread accounting fees across manageable instalments, we’ve found a solution that caters to this.

Introducing smartAR Fee FundingsmartAR Fee Funding Brochure
We are thrilled to introduce smartAR Fee Funding as a tailored payment option. This solution enables businesses to fund our service fees over flexible durations, be it 3 or 6 months or even longer.

Why Choose smartAR Fee Funding?

While we have complete confidence in our clients’ ability to pay fees as a one-time lump sum, we also respect the growing need for adaptable payment methods. smartAR Fee Funding serves as a bridge, ensuring businesses can maintain smooth operations without worrying about large upfront payments. It’s an opportunity to balance and optimise cash flows.

Some noteworthy benefits of this payment option include:

  • Flexibility: Choose from a range of payment durations to find the one that fits your business’s cash flow best.
  • Cash Flow Optimisation: By spreading fees across months, businesses can maintain a healthier and more predictable cash flow.
  • Convenience: Many of our clients have found smartAR Fee Funding to be a handy tool that aligns with their financial strategy and planning.

Get Started with smartAR Fee Funding

If the concept of smartAR Fee Funding resonates with your business’s financial goals or you’re curious to explore this further, we’re here to help.

We have partnered with smartAR for over 10 years, and their service is second to none. If you have an account to pay that is over $500, follow this link to check out your options now Smart AR Loan options

Contact Information
If you would like to receive an obligation free Fee Funding quote or discuss payment terms, please contact:
Name: Crystel Sutton
Email: crystel@lal.co.nz

At Legacy Accountants, we’re more than just number crunchers – we’re your partners in crafting a legacy of financial wisdom and success. We look forward to assisting you with smart solutions for modern challenges.