Shake it off


Practise these simple tricks if you catch yourself in a negative mind set:

  • Reframe immediately as a positive statement. Is there a ‘glass half-full’ rather than a ‘glass half-empty’ way to say it?
  • Get up from your desk and walk briskly. To the photocopier or the tea room, doesn’t matter where. Just distance yourself from the negative thought, even for a moment or two. If you can schedule a walk around the block to go for lunch or get a coffee, a little fresh air might do the trick.
  • Smile – If that sounds corny, just try it, ok? ‘Fake it till you make it’, at least long enough untill you get a grip on your thoughts.
  • Wallpaper it. Think of a phrase from your favourite happy song – or whistle or hum, or plug in those ear buds, so as not to get on your colleagues’ nerves. After all, negative thoughts are just a habit; they don’t necessarily have anything to do with anything. If pop psychology fails try pop music.

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