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A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin – Nothing is certain but death and taxes. We can’t control death but we can definitely help to manage your taxes.

No-one enjoys paying taxes! But, everyone who earns money in New Zealand is required to pay tax, to pay for public services. When you’re running a business it’s your number one priority that you have to prepare and plan for.

Many businesses fail within their first two years because they forget about tax and it’s the single largest cause for bankruptcy in New Zealand. If you don’t pay your tax in full and on time, you get penalised and from there on it’s a slippery slope.

Tax Planning

You have to pay your taxes. But there’s no law that says you have to leave a tip!

Tax Updates

Changes in Tax legislation occur more frequently than any other area of New Zealand law.

Tax Minimisation

Do you think you pay too much tax? Would you like to find ways to cut your bills – legally?

Tax Pooling

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