WHO are YOU really working for?


I caught up with a mate of mine Phil Holland during the week. We had an interesting discussion about the question we ask many clients ‘Who are you really working for?’………..

Being a business owner can be tough work. You are responsible for almost everything! But who are you really working for? Most business owners that we work with usually answer this question with: “I am working for the business and am so tied to it that I have no life”. If this sounds like you then read on.

What we are going to share with you has changed many of our client’s lives (and even saved a marriage or two!)

Let’s start at the beginning. Why did you go into business for yourself? Typically people will say for the freedom, be my own boss, earn more money, get away from my old boss…the list goes on.

Now answer (honestly) from a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being you are well exceeding your initial reasons) if you are currently achieving these initial goals?

Most business owners that we have spoken to, all answer no. In fact many would say they are working harder and longer hours and not earning much more than they were being an employee!

So who are you really working for? The business or for yourself? We are strong believers that your business should be there to provide YOU with your personal vision!

Personal Vision

Do you have one? Most business owners (and employees) forget that life is actually all about them as individuals and as such need to have a personal vision about how THEY see where they will personally be at in the future (3 or 5 years time). It’s ironic that some businesses have an idea (and possibly a plan) of where they see their business in 5 years time, yet many (more like most!) business owners can’t say the same for themselves.

It comes back to knowing where you are and what your destination is (your personal vision). If you don’t know where you are going I can guarantee you will never get there!

If you don’t have a personal vision – get one! If you do, is your business helping you achieve your personal vision (and I don’t mean just money). If not what are you tolerating to allow this to happen?

Personal Growth

One of the fundamentals for most people to feel successful and full of life is having a personal vision, achieving it, and growing. Personal growth can come in many different forms. It could be learning a new skill, hobby or subject. It may involve study, reading or action. It is different for everyone.

So the question is…is your business or job providing you with the opportunity to personally grow and to help you achieve your personal vision?

We have meet far too many business owners who have lost the excitement of business (and life) as they have become ‘stuck’ in the daily grind and have not seen their business as a vehicle to help them grow. Phil recently had a business owner who has been using their business as a HUGE excuse for not chasing their real dream. This has gone on for many years and was eating them up!

So take ACTION. Get your personal vision in place. Stop tolerating the things that are holding you back and start being in control of your life and your business.

So if you find that you are working for your business and the business is not working for you its time to change who the real boss is!

Sounds simple? Well it is. We have even included a template for you.

Feel stuck? We are here to guide and support you and most of all to add value to your business and lifestyle.

If you need help please give us a call. Our goal here at Legacy is to partner with you and other industry experts to provide you the best solutions.

This post is by Jason Lougher from Legacy and Phil Holland . Phil is a business consultant who helps business owners regain their mojo. He is an uncompromising friend to business owners helping them in achieve their personal vision. For more information about Phil visit his website