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What Our Clients Say

Wulf Solter
Wherewolf Limited

Legacy has set the bar very high for the level of care, openness and interactivity, I now know is possible from the accounting industry.

Matt Ward-Johnson
Ward, Johnson Barristers Limited

Thanks for the brilliant service and help this year. I have thoroughly loved your style and massive contribution. So refreshing to have accountants that care and listen.

Hutec Group
Nick Murray
Hutec Group Limited

You are innovative, passionate and we think of you as fully integrated member of the Hutec team rather than a consultant out to one side.

Beyond the Bin
Kim Renshaw
Beyond The Bin

I know 100% that they have my best interests at heart and give me the best advice possible.

Eastern Bay Chiropractic
Dr Anna Heath
Eastern Bay Chiropractic Limited

Innovative, enthusiastic and team oriented would be some words that I would use to describe Legacy Accounting.

High Profile Enterprises
Mike Morgan & Midge Hand
High Profile Enterprises Limited

It is a complete breath of fresh air to work with accountants who not only have an exceptional grasp of the complex business tax environment but also believe strongly in the value of relationships and communication.

Hutec Group
Beyond the Bin
Eastern Bay Chiropractic
High Profile Enterprises

What We Do

The Groundwork
This is what you would expect from your Accountant! But it's the stuff we do on a daily basis to keep your business compliant is what really counts.
The Nitty Gritty
Moving on from the groundwork is where the fun starts. This is where we ensure you fully understand, and like, the structure that works best for you.
Keeping It Simple
We customise a system for you using technology as our friend. We make recommendations based on your individual needs that are flexible and right for you.
The Royal Treatment
We will be your partners on your business journey and offer guidance and support every step of the way, not just an Accountant you hear from once a year.
The Other Stuff
Sometimes you will need a hand with things that don't always fall within the normal course of business - don't worry, we've got you covered on all aspects.
Sit back & relax
We take away your stress by using our relationships with trusted partners like IRD and ACC to ensure your hard cash is protected and your affairs are in order.

Meet The Team

 We all share the same motto: to create your business success through good, honest advice and down to earth communication

Jason Lougher


Jolene Hannah


Barry Morgan


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